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Grilled Mixture of Minced Lamb and Beef, Fresh Herbs and Served with Turkish Rice.

Kul Basti

Grilled Loin Of Lamb Served With Grilled Carrot, Aubergine, Courgette and Red Bell-Pepper Sauce.

Lamb or Chicken Shish

Marinated Chicken or Lamb pieces on skewer, served with Turkish Rice.
£10.95 / £13.95

Chicken Breast

Roast Chicken Breast on Potato Cakes with Lemon Butter Thyme Sauce.

Kuzu Incik

Lamb Shank cooked in vegetable sauce and served with Chive-Mashed Potatoes.

Grilled Sirloin Steak

With Mashed Potatoes and Caramelised Onions, served with Red Wine Sauce.

Grilled Lamb Chops

With Crispy Leeks on Top of Mashed Potatoes, Served with Shallot Sauce.

Hünkar Begendi

Sautéed Lamb or Chicken on a Bed of finely chopped Aubergine and Peppers Served with our Special Sauce.


Grilled Köfte, Lamb and Chicken Pieces, Presented on a Bed of Crispy Bread Cubes Served with Yogurt and its Tasty Sauce.


Layers of Potatoes, Aubergine, Minced Lamb topped with Béchamel sauce, Served with Green Leaves Garnish.

Mixed Grill

Grilled Köfte, Lamb and Chicken pieces served with Turkish Rice and Salad.


Choice of diced Lamb or Chicken cooked in a Clay dish with Peppers, Onions and Tomatoes, served with side of Turkish Pilaf.


Finely chopped grilled Aubergine with yoghurt and Garlic, topped with a choice of Sauteed Chicken or Lamb.

Lamb's Liver

Pan-fried Lamb's Liver tossed in Flour and Chilli Flakes served with Potato Cubes, Onions and Parsley Garnish.

VAT included, service charge is not included.

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