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The timeless flavours of traditional Turkish Cuisine

Our Food

We specialise in bringing you the finest culinary delights for Turkish food-lovers. Our variety and simplicity of recipes, and the quality of the ingredients, guarantees delicious meals.

A selection of hot and cold "mezes" (starters), are served with freshly baked bread. Great care is taken over the presentation, as it should always be remembered that in Turkish cuisine, visual appeal is very important. Traditional Turkish "raki" (an anis based drink), and famous brands of Turkish wine are served with the delicious dishes.

Traditionally dinner ends with desserts, fruits and finally, a cup of Turkish coffee.

Denis Restaurant sets the standard in Turkish Cuisine.

We provide not only superb quality food but also a well decorated, relaxed atmosphere in which you can enjoy your meal.

Famous brands of wine from different regions (Turkish, Italian and French) are available.

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